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"This was a whole new topic for me and it was interesting to be exposed to this information."

- Lynn Corliss, BSN, PHN, Bioterrorism Coordinator, Siskiyou County Public Health, Yreka, CA

"Wow, what a nice toolkit! The toolkit looks like it has covered everything needed."

- Karen Bender, REHS, RD, Supervising Environmental Health Specialist, El Dorado County Environmental Management Department, South Lake Tahoe, CA

"This was an excellent workshop and I am very glad I came. Many times we lose sight in the local health department of the importance of having an exchange of information with the community about their needs and concerns and rather focus on our mandate of providing vaccine. I will definitely use this information in my emergency preparedness work and in other areas of public health. Thank you!"

- Cara Mae McGary, MPH, Health Education Specialist, Napa County Public Health, Napa, CA

"I thought the training was very informative...It provided me with good background information."
- Cherry Nguyen, Student, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

"Great training, great presenters!"
- Adrian Thomas, Emergency Preparedness Intern, Alameda Health Consortium, Alameda, CA

"Great class! Very helpful and informative."
- Jacqueline Chan, Public Health Research Analyst, California Department of Public Health, Richmond, CA 
"I plan to survey for vaccine barriers, also possibly for community."
- Amy Meeks, Infection Control Coordinator, Carson Valley Medical Center, Gardenerville, NV


Here is some of the feedback we received in response to the question, "What aspects of the SPIVA Toolkit do you anticipate being most useful to you?":


  • "Community assessment, great place to start." 
 - C. Myers, Emergency Planning Coordinator, Lassen County Public Health, Susanville, CA
  • "How to gain needed information more accurately than we have been doing even if we only use first steps."
- Susan Minyard, Public Health Nurse, Mendocino County Health and Human Services, Ukiah, CA
  • "All of it, really. As a resource to develop study and implement assessment."
- Patricia Morales, MPA, San Benito County Public Health, Hollister, CA
  • "Key informant, focus group approach."
- Janice Kim, MD, MPH, California Department of Public Health, Communicable Disease Emergency Response Branch, Richmond, CA 
  • "Section on types of interviews."
- Lynn Corliss, Public Health Nurse, Siskiyou County Public Health, Yreka, CA
  • "Survey Questions Bank."
- Donna Anton, LVN, California State University, Chico, Chico, CA
  • "Developing a survey like the Broome County survey."
- Joanna Zimmermann, Public Health Director, Lassen County Public Health, Susanville, CA
  • "Plan to take public health preparedness plans to four groups e.g. Special needs shelter populations--we hadn't done this before."
- Christine Love, Analyst, Sonoma County Public Health, Santa Rosa, CA



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