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SPIVA Appendices 

Each of the appendices in the SPIVA Toolkit can be used as a stand-alone resource to augment existing plans or assist with ongoing community assessments.  Combined with the methods described in the toolkit, they can serve as functional tools to assist the public health workforce with conducting a range of surveys and assessments. 


Appendix A: Alameda HWI Discussion Guide

The Alameda County Health Worker Immunization (HWI) discussion plan provides toolkit users with an in-depth example of how to plan a focus group that can inform your area of interest.  In the summer of 2010 Alameda County used these materials to guide focus groups that aimed to understand the attitudes and behaviors of health workers in regards to influenza vaccination.


Appendix B: Survey Question Bank

Toolkit developers have included a survey question-bank to assist users in developing their own surveys.  The questions are included in both English and Spanish, and can give users a number of examples to include in their own work, or fine-tune to fit their needs. 


Appendix C: Broome County, NY H1N1 Survey

Health officials in Broome County, New York used an online survey to assess their community's satisfaction with the health jurisdiction's response to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.  This survey has been included as an appendix to provide toolkit users with additional example questions and to highlight another potential method for survey distribution. 


Appendix D: Vaccine Clinic Survey Administrator Job Action Sheet (JAS)

Toolkit developers have also included a sample Job Action Sheet (JAS) for a vaccination clinic worker charged with administering surveys to clinic participants.  This JAS can be tailored to fit any jurisdiction's Incident Command (ICS) structure. 


Appendix E: Selected Case Studies

Three case studies provide examples of how local health departments have applied concepts highlighted in the SPIVA Toolkit.


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