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"The plan developed from the toolkit provided the impetus for the Southern Nevada Health District to re-organize its Office of Epidemiology (OOE) workflow to facilitate use of the IDER Plan for small-scale events, prepare staff for larger-scale events, and highlight where human resources are insufficient to help justify resource requests." 

- Patricia Rowley, BS, CPH, Manager, Office of Epidemiology, Southern Nevada Health District, Las Vegas, NV 

"The IDER toolkit revolutionized the way we are developing our Risk Communication planning. Before we became acquainted with the IDER toolkit, our emergency preparedness plan was organized as many chapters of a large plan that was very difficult to integrate with our DOC management system. Without such a tool and free training, we would be struggling with an outdated plan, which, when put to the test with H1N1, was not up to the job. The APC IDER toolkit is a valuable asset nationally, and should be taken on the road for trainings throughout California and beyond. What would a [public health] response effort look like if we all used the APC IDER toolkit? More effective, better coordinated and in compliance with ESF8."

- Kimberley Caldewey, PA, MPH, Program Planning Analyst, County of Sonoma Department of Health Services, Santa Rosa, CA

“Wonderful tool! Thanks for developing and sharing! Our business contingency plan is very general, but doesn't have the specifics to implement. This toolkit has this, specific to infectious disease, so I'm very excited to use this in further enhancing our response plan.”

- Julita T. Luty, RN, MS, OHNP, Nurse Practitioner, City of San Jose, Employee Services, San Jose, CA

“We are hoping to use components of [the IDER Toolkit] for our state communicable disease response plan.”

- Janice Kim, MD, MPH, California Department of Public Health, Communicable Disease Emergency Response Branch, Richmond, CA

“[Your toolkit] seems to be such a great asset to the public health community. I am looking forward to creating a plan for this in my county, now that you have made such a product.”

- Beth Young, MS, Public Health Emergency Response Coordinator, Albany County Public Health, Laramie, WY

“I wish [the IDER Toolkit materials] would have been available 5 years ago when we all had to reinvent the wheel for our programs. It would have made my work a lot easier, that's for sure. The SF APC has done an excellent job in developing very useful tools. I'm going to check NACCHO for other documents and tools as well.”

- Steve Chambers, Staff Services Analyst, Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency, Visalia, CA

“[The IDER Toolkit] training expanded my vision and understanding of how to properly manage an outbreak event.”

- Phil Ulibarri, Public Information Officer, Washoe County Health District, Reno, NV

“Even from a hospital's viewpoint I think we will be able to modify plans and job action sheets especially since in rural communities we would be impacted by a small or large incident.”

- Cari Long, Emergency Coordinator, Carson Valley Medical Center, Gardnerville, NV

“This will provide Washoe County Health District the tools to further develop our abilities to conduct Infectious Disease outbreaks in ICS.”
- Jeff Whitesides, Public Health Preparedness Program Manager, Washoe County Health District, Reno, NV

“This toolkit will be incredibly useful to our organization and all our region.”
- Christi S. Myers, RN, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Lassen County Public Health, Susanville, CA

“The [IDER Toolkit] presentation gave me a better understanding of different roles and the importance to understand all the functions.”

- Amalia Madrigal, Health Education Specialist, Fresno County Department of Public Health, Fresno, CA

"I think the IDER Toolkit really helps me to define the role I actually played in the H1N1 response."

- Susan Sloan, MA, Health Information Specialist, Whatcom County Health Department, Bellingham, WA

"This was a fantastic training and provided tools that I will actually use and are very timely with the new CDC capabilities."

- Katie Denter, CHES, Regional Learning Specialist, Snohomish Health District, Everett, WA

"You have cut my planning time by 75%!"

- Samantha Tweeten, PhD, Epidemiologist, County of San Diego Health Department, San Diego, CA

"The materials provided will greatly help clarify what is needed in [an] infectious disease emergency, make our plan user friendly and help simplify process." 

- Christine Orris, Infection Preventionist, Connecticut Mental Health Center

"Great work--very innovative tools."

- Melissa Marquis, Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Connecticut Association of Directors of Health

"Excellent resource, wonderful online availability."

- Daniel Tullo, Microbiology Program Manager, New Hampshire Public Health Labs

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