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What is the Infectious Disease Emergency Response Plan?

The Infectious Disease Emergency Response (IDER) Plan is a collection of downloadable templates that describe the roles and responsibilities of all components of an infectious disease emergency response, with guidance on activation protocols and communication structure within an Incident Command System framework. Highlighted text throughout the templates directs local health departments to jurisdiction-specific information so they may quickly make the modifications necessary for inclusion in their own plan.


Download the entire IDER Plan in Word or PDF, or download portions of the IDER Plan below:


IDER Plan Introduction
IDER Plan Cover Sheet (Color Sample & Template) 0
IDER Plan Cover Sheet (Black & White Sample and Template) 0
Table of Contents 2
IDER Plan "Cheat Sheet" 3
Acronym Guide 2
IDER Plan Introduction 4
Command 9
Operations Section
Operations Section Overview 6
Core Plan Annexes
The following documents offer situation-specific guidance and are intended for use in conjunction with the Core Plan
Respiratory Aerosol Transmissible (RAT) Diseases Annex 12
Bioterrorism Annex 15
Biological Agent Detection Annex 3
Indoor Sampling Detection Sub-Annex 11
Outdoor Sampling Detection Sub-Annex 11

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